17 December 2019 - Oxford, UK

17 грудня 2019 року у Великобританії в м. Оксфорд під егідою Європейської Бізнес Асамблеї відбувся Світовий самміт лідерів «Майбутнє визначає лідерів, лідери визначають майбутнє", на якому були присутні представники з 35 країн. Згідно партнерської угоди про співпрацю між Європейською Бізнес Асамблеєю та Асамблеєю ділових кіл в самміті взяла участь представницька делегація з України.

22 May 2019 - Oxford, UK

Oxford Debate: ‘How to Reach Place Excellence’. The ‘City management platform’ programme is a joint product of the Academic Union, Oxford, and the Academic Union expert centre, a special partnership and discussion platform for regional city managers, specialists and famous experts in the field of urban and territorial management. Exclusive Oxford Debate meeting will provide for networking and improvement of professional skills for city and regional officials in administrative positions in local authorities/municipalities, mayors and governors in order to stimulate the competitiveness of the city/region, increase investment, improve the quality of life of residents and attract tourists. Discussion topics: The concept of City Excellence; Talent and investor attraction and place branding, for city competitiveness; Place management, place branding and place development for achieving of Place Excellence; Place strategy, innovation; Case studies of successful cities and regions.

22-23 May 2019 - Oxford, UK

Oxford Debate: ‘University of the Future’. An exclusive format of events of the Academic Union, Oxford; Special partnership and discussion platform for higher education regional leaders, famous experts in the field of regional and global education. The opinions of speakers and experts on the future of universities and potential challenges in higher education may coincide or differ, but they are always extremely interesting for educational sphere professionals. Discussion topics: The idea and purpose of the future university. What will universities’ business model be?; How do you see the university campus of the future?; Does giving students practical skills help them find work faster?; Is it necessary to utterly change the educational programme? and many other relevant issues are going to be discussed during the VIP format meetings which correspond to the status of the participants and allow maximum comfort and attention to each participant.

12 April 2019 - London, UK

‘Achievements Forum – 2019’ is an authoritative multicultural platform for fresh thinking on the CEO`s role in companies’ achievements and regions’ development, investing in progressive regions, territories and businesses. This forthcoming gathering will be aimed to successful innovative businesses and companies, economic development agencies, regional infrastructure and finance professionals, as well as leading regional higher institutions, highlighting these target audiences as the essential aspects of the modern progressive social structure. Top executives, business gurus, senior state officials, as well as educational management experts and academic professionals should not miss this motivational opportunity to be present among the figures of their own stature!  

28 June 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland

Coming EBA’s initiative, as an organization with special consultative status in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) under the United Nations, is aimed to engage regional business structures in the dialogue on questions regarding corporate responsibility, support the UN sustainable development goals and programmes, as well as other international arrangements. Palace of Nations, one of the most active centres for multilateral diplomacy in the world, is waiting for EBA’s Public Hearing and wide-ranging discussion – ‘Adopting the CSR policy which reflects public interests’!

7-9 November 2019 - Limassol, Cyprus

The conference of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project on Cyprus. Conference participants will be able to get acquainted with the unique healing possibilities of Cyprian nature and with the experience of local recreational centers, conclude cooperation agreements. The visit to the Forum and the Health & Beauty exhibition – the largest event at Cyprus dedicated to beauty and health – is the zest of the event! More than 200 exhibitors will take part in the forum, more than 50 lectures, seminars and master classes on health issues will be given, more than three thousand visitors will take part in it. The conference delegates will have an opportunity to participate in the exhibition and give a master class or a presentation of their achievements on the widest and most active Cyprian international cooperation platform.

2-5 June 2019 - Tbilisi, Georgia

‘Best Medical Practice’ project Special session 'Medical tourism and health improvement: In Focus Georgia’ will include the presentation of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project, the official admission of the best regional healthcare experts as members of the European Medical Association (EMA), acquaintance with innovative work methods of one of the best medical centers in Georgia, the Heart Center ‘Guli’, as well as with the unique healing opportunities of Georgian nature. Also the key points include the presentation of phytocomponents and the signing of cooperation agreements with ‘Green Planet’ LLC, the largest phytotherapeutic network in Ukraine, which operates under the auspices of the All-Ukrainian Environmental Protection Society ‘Green Planet’; Master classes of the best healthcare experts from around the world and press conference of Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, Founder and President of EMA. The session will give an opportunity to get acquainted with academic medicine of Georgia, which combines the most advanced technologies with the age-old traditions of many generations of Georgian doctors. And the extensive cultural and excursion programme will allow participants to get to know and feel the flavor of Georgia, one of the most attractive countries for international tourism.