December - Oxford, UK

В грудні у Великобританії в м. Оксфорд під егідою Європейської Бізнес Асамблеї відбувся Світовий самміт лідерів «Майбутнє визначає лідерів, лідери визначають майбутнє", на якому були присутні представники з 35 країн. Згідно партнерської угоди про співпрацю між Європейською Бізнес Асамблеєю та Асамблеєю ділових кіл в самміті взяла участь представницька делегація з України.

February - Geneva, Switzerland

Public Hearing ‘Practical implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals’. The European Business Assembly, as an institution with special consultative status, ECOSOC encourages its members to support and promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals in business practice.

April - London, UK

THE ACHIEVEMENTS FORUM. Promising regions in Focus. Annual Achievements Forum suggests unique combination of ideas and inspiration, stimulates new thinking and motivates people for action, creates wonderful opportunities for communication at the highest level. Mission of the Forum is to increase business activity between countries, establish partnerships and get acquainted with the latest business ideas for promoting goods and services, exchange best practices in companies, educational and scientific institutions and territories management.  

July - Milan, Italy

Achievements Forum Milan - ‘Turning Achievements into Recognitions’. Milan Luxury Style Salon - We Create the Style of Modern Leader. Event will unite consumers and manufacturers of goods and services of the luxury and premium segments, carry out consumer and expert assessments and ensure the promotion of the best luxury goods and services around the world.

October - Brussels, Belgium

Best Medical Practice Conference. Top topics of the Conference: new trends in medical partnership and medical tourism, the main trends in medical marketing for the globalization of your business and your ideas, acquaintance with innovative experience in specialized spheres. European Awards Night - Excellence In Quality And Management Forum. The capital of a united Europe will become stage to honor excellence and success in politics, business, science, healthcare and culture.

December - Oxford, UK

Summit of Leaders. The Oxford Leaders’ Summit as a traditional grand meeting of members and partners of the European Business Assembly and the Academic Union has been held since 2000. For many years, it has been a source of inspiration, training and transformation for those who want to build a better business and a better society, share innovative ideas, feasible business strategies, summarize the academic activities of the outgoing year and note successes of leading regional educational institutions.